De Galatée Observatory
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Who will be authorized to use this observatory?

The observatory will be reachable by everybody. But two modes of use and three levels of access will be possible.

Two modes of use will be possible.

In direct mode or programmed mode.

  1. In direct mode, the user orders the observatory in "live" via Internet. His requests are taken into accounts immediately. A response time is nevertheless inevitable and function of the connection speed between the user and the observatory.
  2. In programmed mode, the observatory records the observation parameters requested by the user, and carries out the request as soon as the whole of the conditions necessary are put together.

Three levels of access

Fast, normal and full levels

  1. In the "fast" level, only the main observation parameters are accessible to the user: the target coordinates or name, choice of the camera, exposure time.
  2. In the "normal" level, detailed orders are added to the previous parameters: calibration images types, weather parameters...
  3. In the "full" level, you can reach all the measurements and all the commandes of the observatory.

A public timetable on Internet will allow you to reserve a time slot to use the instrument on line.