De Galatée Observatory
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Which is the best place without any doubt to observe the sky? The mountain of course! A place close to stars but also unreachable..


In order to get the best from an astronomical instrument, it's necessary to observe the sky from a place with very particular aerological characteristics. Clouds have to be infrequent, nights have to be dark, sky has to be clear, and air has to be stable. Thus the best sites are far from the cities, at the summit of selected mountains. The access to those sites is seldom simple. They are not easily exploitable, especially for the non-professional astronomers. Fortunately, much of observations do not require any observer near the telescope, if remote control is possible.

Our aim is thus to build an astronomical observatory on a site chosen for its high quality sky. This observatory will be remote controlled via Internet. Everyone will be able to use it from any computer connected to Internet. You will only have to enter the coordinates of your target in the sky, or the name of a known object, fix the observation parameters, and the image obtained will be sent to you, always via Internet.

The "Cheval Blanc" mountain, 2323 meters high in the Haute Provence Alps, has been chosen for quality of its sky.

Média:ensoleillement france The technical characteristics of the telescope and its equipment will offer the amateur a complementary tool to the "traditional" equipment it would get or use in an "usual" club of astronomy. The telescope diameter will be 1,5 meter. The primary and Nasmyth focuses will be usable in order to obtain various opening ratios. Several instruments of which one spectrometer will be usable. But the observation will not be reserved solely to the specialists that will be able to understand the influence of the most insignificant adjustment. Several levels of use will be reachable in order to allow the expert as well as the beginner to open this new window on the universe.

Observatoire a4.jpg

We wish above all to offer the access to a different tool, so that the amateur can use our observatory as a complement of his personal equipment. It goes without saying that such an observatory might interest groups of observers, naturally difficult to move (school, students, clubs?). Especially since the observatory is programmable. This means it is possible to order during the day an observation that will take place after the nightfall, and whose results will be analyzed the following day. A remote controlled observatory also allows you to observe in full day, while benefiting from the time difference. A Brazilian astronomer will observe the night sky during his afternoon.