De Galatée Observatory
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The observatory characteristics

The observatory is divided into 4 parts: the Internet, a radio relay in the village of Draix, the weather station Eole and the telescope.

  1. The first part is not really a part of the observatory, but is necessary for observing. It is Internet. The observer's computer is a constituent of it. The observer sends requests to the observatory via Internet.
  2. After going through this network, the requests arrive at the Draix station. Draix is a village of the Alps de Haute Provence, 6 kilometers away from the Cheval Blanc summit. The station of Draix is a room which shelters a computer and communication equipment. It treats the requests, and sends them by radio to Eole.
  3. Eole has several functions. It is at the same time the weather station of the observatory and its radio relay. It is a metal case integrated into a pylon, 10 meters away from the summit of the mountain. The metal case shelters various electric components, of which a computer and batteries. Weather sensors are fixed at a mast at the top of the pylon. The climatic study guarantees an optimal and protected use of the observatory.
  4. Finally, the main building and the telescope inside of it are at the summit of the mountain, 10 meters away from Eole.